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The most common feedback I receive is how much more confidence women have inside and outside of the gym. The main goal I want my clients to achieve during any of my programs is to achieve both physical AND mental changes.

The earlier you start working towards your goals, the earlier you will see results.

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"Being committed to Rachelle’s very first program helped change me in so many ways! I got married a little over a year ago and I feel like that first year of marriage put me in a “happiness slump!” I was drinking way too much alcohol, eating out far too often and just being lazy! I was happy, of course, but not happy with my body or with the energy I was lacking on a daily basis. I craved structure! I needed something to make me feel better about myself and make my clothes fit again!

I’ve never paid for a trainer or completed an exercise program longer than 28 days so I’d be lying if I said I was skeptical about spending the money on a program that seemed so long! I was worried I would blow it, wouldn’t complete the challenge, wouldn’t see results, ect. ect. Now that I’ve completed the challenge without missing a single workout, I decided to start over from week 1 to see what kind of gains I can make in 8 more weeks!

Rachelle was such an amazing motivator and helped me gain tons of confidence in and out of the gym! If you’re looking for a good program to get you back in the swing of things or to help motivate you to be healthier, Rachelle and her program are exactly what you need!"



I have always thought about doing a fitness challenge but never had the courage to actually do it - until now!

Rachelle is so inspiring and as soon as I saw she was offering a program, I knew I had to jump in! She keeps it real and motivates you through the good and the bad days. I've become so much more confident not only in how I look but I actually feel like I know what I'm doing at the gym thanks to her workout videos on Instagram!

In only 8 weeks I transformed my body and my mind! I am so proud of myself for accomplishing something I never thought I could, and now I don't see myself ever living like I did before! Seeing her share her workout stories helped me begin mine.

I am so grateful for this experience and can't wait to begin the next challenge!  




These last 8 weeks have totally transformed my whole life. I started out weighing 181lbs - The biggest I have ever been. I’ve struggled to lose this weight because I love food, but as a result, I was very hard on myself and very unhappy.

I made the decision to step foward and get serious about getting to my dream body. Why not me!? That's what I told myself. Getting back to the gym was hard at first, but With this program, it made it a little easier to get started again. The way Rachelle has it all laid out, I really enjoyed the split and the description of everything. the macros she set up for me worked for me because she listened to me if I was struggling.

I lost about 15lbs. I am now about 166lbs and I am actually happy again. I feel like I’m back to me. My husband has noticed a huge change in my attitude and appearance. Who wouldn’t be happy hearing that! But my journey does not end here! Rachelle, you are awesome and so sweet. Thank you!


" I did this challenge to my spark in fitness back and well 8 weeks later and here I am. This challenge wasn’t like any other one for me. I wanted to be able to find my love for fitness again but find a balance at still enjoying my life. You know I didn’t strictly count macros for this challenge and I didn’t really want to because I needed to find something that could work for me with as much as I’m on the road and it worked. I never felt deprived once this challenge. Rachelle, I don’t if it because I know you or what but doing this challenge under you has been the best one I’ve done. You inspire me so much with your journey already. Thank you so much for continuing to be real and inspire others.

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Hey there; My name is Rachelle Justus! I used to be the girl who went to the gym 5 days a week and barely saw any results, so I understand the frustration you may feel and how it can be a punch to your motivation. I’ve been the girl who feels insecure at the gym and has no clue how to even workout, so all I would do is cardio. I’ve also been the girl who was embarrassed to be in a bikini in front of her friends. I’ve been through the struggle you are feeling right now and have learned so much about weightlifting  from trial and error along the way. 



I’ve come to learn that your fitness journey is a PROCESS. There are no shortcuts. It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself! This journey is tough, but if you give it all you’ve got then you WILL get results. Fitness has taught me more than how to “workout”. It has taught me discipline in all areas of my life and that what effort I put in is what I’m going to get out of it. It has also taught me to be confident and to never ever give up! You have two options: step forward into growth, or step back into your comfort zone. Which are you going to choose?


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